Throw-Up Gallery Concept

The concept for this project came about through an idea to empower people within communities to enable them to make a difference. The Throwupgallery was formed to display graffiti, street art and African art  in Aberdeen, the Energy Capital of Europe. Local and Malawian artists displayed art side by side raising funds for renewable energy projects in Malawi.

Throwupgallery came about during a kitchen chat, drink in hand, and ideas flowing. I had been to visit my sister who was living in Malawi and working on delivering renewable energy projects. And was speaking to local graffiti artist about how amazing Malawi and the people there were  and how I felt I should be doing something to help. I saw the artists work, which was/is amazing, and said we should put on a show to do some fundraising. I suggested a pop-up gallery but was then told about the term throw-up. A throw-up in graffiti meaning a “quick freestyle graffiti bomb”. And so the name was born.

In Aberdeen we live in the “Energy” capital of Europe. In Malawi only 10% of people have access to the grid. With limited access to electricity there are significant negative impacts. Energy is a prerequisite for development and allows a population to improve health, education and the economy. By working together in these collaborative ventures all of us become empowered and involved in making positive changes.

The idea, my friends, has snowballed from there.