The concept for this project came about through an idea to empower people within communities to enable them to make a difference. The Throwupgallery was initially formed as a one off to display graffiti, street art and African art  in Aberdeen, the Energy Capital of Europe. One of our first gallery shows enabled local and Malawian artists to display art side by side raising funds for renewable energy projects in Malawi.

A throw-up in graffiti means a “quick freestyle graffiti bomb”. And so the name was born.

By working together in that collaborative venture all of us become empowered and involved in making positive changes.

The idea, my friends, has snowballed from there….

With the help of ACVO, we became an Unincorporated Association and the group’s objectives are to:

Promote the arts, culture and diversity and in furtherance of this by;

  • Building artistic links between communities in Scotland and elsewhere.
  • Promoting opportunities for artistic practice.
  • Working in partnership with other bodies to achieve the purposes.

If you would like to donate, we are honoured.